Golden cider is zero carbon

Ever Green Earth Golden cider is zero carbon

We believe that trees are the basis of life and apple Cider is a huge gift from us.




We create a greener world thanks to first-class cider

We were looking for a way to create a modern economy while creating better and greener world. Our search led us back to the roots of apple trees, which are the basis of life on earth. We decided to build our company to take care of deciduous trees, which give oxygen, food to people, retain the most CO2 and their leaves fertilize the soil and plants that live in the shade of their leaves. Thanks to artificial intelligence and software, we can manage the entire product production process from irrigation to distribution to the customer. We want to be the first global „Zero Carbon“ company to produce premium Cider.

Pure apple cider from ingredients from your region

Imagine a moment when your favorite drink does not travel to you for thousands of kilometers, but from the nearest farmer, who lovingly takes care of his apple orchard. With each bottle of fresh cider, you can easily check which way it took you and the story of the raw materials and the farmer who harvested the apples with his own hands. This is exactly the kind of cider we make. Golden cider always travels to you a maximum of 100 kilometers from the nearest farmer and has a unique taste, thanks to the apples harvested in your region. 

Nature and modern technology

We have taken the best of technology and built software that manages the production process and helps farmers with harvesting, production and logistics. For everything else, the skillful hands of local farmers, water and the sun’s rays, which nourish apple trees and help convert nutrients into juicy apples, from which we make the unique Golden Cider, are enough. We are Zero Carbon, we use a minimum of energy and technology for production, no chemistry and where we need to use non-regional resources, we use recyclable materials and we compensate the remaining carbon footprint by planting trees and other activities that help us achieve carbon neutrality.

Our Vision

Just as billions of people around the world follow the Ten Commandments, our society has created seven that follow and help us create a fairer and more sustainable world.

  1. Zero Carbon
  2. 100% Wealth of Nature
  3. Sustainable Economy
  4. Second Life Philosophy for Packaging
  5. Local Raw Materials
  6. Technology for the 21st Century
  7. Fair Business

Zero Carbon We are

involved in reducing our carbon footprint in business. We go from the very basics (our business is based on trees) to the details of logistics and the path of the product to the customer as close as possible to the local farmer. 

100% wealth of nature

Although chemical production undoubtedly has a place in our lives, our society uses primarily natural materials and processes that have been known to mankind for thousands of years. 

Sustainable economy

The possibility of quality and meaningful living in your place of residence is the basis of sustainable development. We believe that if we help local farmers maximize the return on natural resources through franchise licenses, we will help keep their business healthy and benefit from the global marketplace through the Golden Cider brand, which will help them communicate more clearly and easily with customers. 

Second life philosophy for packaging

Our packaging is reversible. They are mainly made of recycled materials and waste bark wood. Our customers love our packaging because we teach them how to use it in everyday life and improve their home with it. A number of libraries, shoe boxes and tables have already been created from our Golden boxes.

Local raw materials

Our dream is to use as few raw materials as possible from other parts of the country. We use only local apples and water sources to make Golden Cider. For production technologies and packaging, we decide to travel the shortest possible route and compensate for their transport by planting new fruit trees.

Technology for the 21st century

We asked ourselves how to make the cider travel the shortest possible distance to the customer. How to make a farmer know about how many apples to harvest and how much cider to sell to customers. We were looking for a way to do this so that the owner of the apple orchard could focus only on what was essential for him and at the same time participate in trade on the global market. All these questions are answered by modern machine-controlled software, which we develop ourselves. 

Fair business

Big chains are crushing local farmers and ruining their business. We decided to find a solution. We provide our franchise partners with marketing, software and technology background and enable them to participate in the global market, including supply to medium-sized chains. At the same time, we preserve their autonomy and exclusive sales in their region. Thanks to better processes, technologies and a stronger brand, we help them maximize profits. In return, we share in the profits and we want them to love and protect nature and to care for it with love. 

Do you like our policies? Ask for Golden Cider in your favorite restaurant instead of industrially produced drinks. Your demand can change the world.