About us

Ever Green Earth About us

We believe that if humanity is to successfully colonize other planets, we must first learn to manage our home planet properly. So far, people have managed to successfully create only one ecosystem – the desert. We want to change that now.

We create functional ecosystems

Just as a plant cannot do without water, so no piece of land can do without a functional economy. Therefore, it is not just about planting trees, as other initiatives do. We are looking for a comprehensive solution for the joint growth of people, economy and natural resources in one functional economically and ecologically functioning unit. That is real wealth and that is our mission.

We connect people with nature

We lived in the belief that the city, people and nature are separated by walls and roads. We were wrong. Gradually, we all realize that we are part of one ecosystem that prospers only as a whole. By connecting people and their economic activities, which are developing a sustainable economy on natural resources, we are returning nature wherever it has been in decline. 

Thanks to the fact that the development of nature in our projects directly contributes to the economic prosperity of people, we teach them how beneficial and advantageous it is to take care of nature. We learn and educate ourselves …

Apple orchards in the Czech Republic

Trees are life. In the spring, it gives bees pollen to produce honey. In summer, it provides shade, refuge and food for the animals. In autumn, it offers us an abundance of raw materials for food and beverages as well as economic possibilities of use. In winter, his wood warms us by the crackling fire in the fireplace. And when his life is over, he gives us wood as a building material, and his rotting leaves fertilize the soil beneath his mighty crown. 

In addition, deciduous trees retain the most CO2 of all plants after algae and their crowns significantly cool the planet’s surface. Therefore, we decided to build new orchards, which offer significantly wider opportunities for economic use and management than conventional forestry.

We return the desert to the people

In cooperation with foreign projects, we are preparing a program for the reclamation of desert areas through the development of the local economy on cactus plantations and crops resistant to extreme conditions.

Prickly pear – a cure not only for global warming

One of the most promising crops for farming in arid areas is the cactus crop that you all know – Prickly pear. Its flowers provide color, its fruits you all know as excellent fruit. Extensive branches multiply well, retaining water in the landscape and generating oxygen. It serves as fodder for animals as well as material for the production of plastics and building materials. The shadow attracts small animals and provides protection for other plants. It prevents erosion, the spread of the desert and provides work and livelihood for people who would otherwise have to leave and look for a place to live elsewhere.